25 Lessons Learned – Lesson 08: Life Is Too Short to Have to Deal with Assholes

25 Lessons Learned

Nov 20
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No Matter How Important the Project, Life Is Too Short to Have to Deal with Assholes


A: This is Angelina Neglia. I am sitting here with Scott MacDonald, author of Saving Investa, How an Ex Factory Worker Helped Save an Iconic Australian Company. In the book, Scott shares 25 lessons learned from his long and successful career.

Lesson 8 is: Life is too short to have to deal with assholes. In business, not everyone is a nice person. How can you rule out dealing with clients and partners because they’re jerks?

S: Angie, I’ve had a “No Asshole” rule for many of the companies that I’ve dealt with, and maybe we missed out on an occasional deal or two, but… but you don’t need to deal with people that are not professional and not friendly. I’ll give you an example.

I worked at a shopping center company one time, and a tenant rep called one of my leasing people, and was being a real jerk. He demanded to speak to the CEO. That was me, and my leasing guy said, “You don’t want to talk to Scott. He’s got a ‘No Asshole’ rule, and you clearly qualify.”

Tenant rep went a little crazy, but he backed off, and we got the deal done. So, my advice is you don’t have to deal with assholes. If you deal with someone who is that unpleasant, just forget and move on. There’s always going to be someone else to do a deal with.

A: So, this is Angelina Neglia talking with the author, Scott MacDonald. Unless you’re a jerk, look for Scott’s new book, Saving Investa.

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Watch for a new book, by Scott MacDonald, Think Like a Dog, due out in 2017. Scott’s book, Saving Investa, is available for pre-order at Amazon.com and more widely available November 1, 2016.

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