25 Lessons Learned – Lesson 14

25 Lessons Learned

Jan 01
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Be a Good Listener


A: Hello, this is Angie Neglia. I’m here with Scott MacDonald, author of Saving Investa, How an Ex-Factory Worker Helped Save an Iconic Australian Company. In this book, Scott shares 25 lessons he’s learned over his long and impressive career.

Lesson fourteen is: Be a good listener. Scott, this seems like common sense. What do you mean?

S: If everyone recognized this, they would talk less and listen more. You never learn anything when you are talking; you learn when other people talk. In fact, I used to go into meetings and tell my staff, “Don’t talk. Resist the temptation to talk.” You never learn anything when you’re talking. You learn when the other guys are talking. If you listen, and listening is a good art, you’ll learn what’s important to the other party, and you’ll be able to craft solutions that are better and more successful.

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