25 Lessons Learned – Lesson 18

25 Lessons Learned

Jan 29
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A Key to Personal Business Success Is to Develop an Expertise in Something That Adds Value and Others Do Not Have


A: This is Angelina Neglia and I’m here with Scott MacDonald, author of Saving Investa, How an Ex-Factory Worker Helped Save an Iconic Australian Company. In the book, Scott shares 25 lessons learned over his long and impressive career.

Lesson eighteen is: A  key to personal business success is to develop an expertise in something that adds value and others do not have. Scott, this sounds easier than it actually is.

S: Yes, actually everybody gains certain knowledge and develops a certain expertise through their working career, but gaining knowledge of something that is an expertise that is not commonly available is a real path to an accelerated career. I’ll give a quick example.

When I was working in market research for a shopping center company many years ago, we developed models that could actually predict how a new center would do, how tenants, what their sales would be, and it statistically at a level of 95% accuracy. Pretty soon, I was in charge of all development activities because I could predict which centers would be good and which centers would not be good. So taking your knowledge and your expertise and developing something more specialized and is not common is one path to a more successful carerr.

A: This is Angelina Neglia thinking about what my special expertise is. For more lessons learned, get Scott’s book, Saving Investa.

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