25 Lessons Learned – Lesson 22

25 Lessons Learned

Feb 26
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There Is an Opportunity to Hit a Homerun, But You Have to Swing the Bat

A: This is Angelina Neglia and I’m here with Scott MacDonald, author of Saving Investa, How an Ex-Factory Worker Helped Save an Iconic Australian Company. In the book, Scott shares 25 lessons learned over his long and impressive career.

Lesson twenty-two is: In everyone’s life, there is an opportunity to hit a homerun, but you have to swing the bat. So, how do you hit a homerun? Well, baseball’s not really my sport. How do you hit the cricket bat to “make a six”?

S: Well, first of all, you gotta be patient. You have to keep your weight and your energy back. You have to keep your eye on the ball, and you have to swing hard using all of your resources.

At some point, everyone who watches this video will have an opportunity to hit a homerun or hit a six. Maybe in business, maybe in personal life, but if you don’t take the job because you don’t want to move or you lose the big deal because of a planned holiday or you don’t… pop the question to your future spouse, you won’t hit the ball. You won’t hit a six. You won’t get a home run, so you gotta swing the bat.

A: So, is Saving Investa going to be a homerun or a six like in cricket?

S: Angie, I don’t know, but I am swinging the bat.

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