25 Lessons Learned – Lesson 23

25 Lessons Learned

Mar 04
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Maintain Your Health Regardless of Pressures at Work or in Life.

A: This is Angelina Neglia and I’m here with Scott MacDonald, author of Saving Investa, How an Ex-Factory Worker Helped Save an Iconic Australian Company. In the book, Scott shares 25 lessons learned over his long and impressive career.

Today, lesson twenty-three is: Maintain your health regardless of pressures at work or at home.

This seems important but probably frequently overlooked.

S: Angie, I learned the hard way suffering from a minor stroke or what’s called a T.I.A in the midst of restructuring Investa. It could’ve been a lot worse. Exercise is critical. It’s part one’s life and maintaining one’s health. Finding time is really difficult especially if you have a job that requires long hours and you have a family that requires full attention. There just doesn’t seem to be the time, but what I’m telling you and those that are listening, it’s really important. So, maintain your health, exercise regularly, and figure out how to solve the problem of not enough time.

A: For more lessons learned, check out Saving Investa.

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