Anti-Trump Forces Should Beware of What They Wish


Apr 17

Anti-Trump Forces Should Beware of What They Wish

They may get their wish, and it could be worse than Trump.

Senator Ted Cruz appears to be the Republican alternative to Donald Trump. So would Cruz be a better selection than Trump?

Senator Cruz has been a U.S, Senator for four years. He has not sponsored any significant legislation and does not appear to have achieved anything except for his campaign for President.

He appears to have alienated all of his fellow Senators. He attacks the Washington establishment regularly. No Senator has endorsed him. One has indicated he prefers Cruz to Donald Trump. How is he going to pass legislation when Congress seems united in their dislike of Cruz?

He openly campaigned for the U.S. Government shut down, which withheld a range of essential services to citizens. He advocated default on U.S. issued debt. An actual default would have led to an increase in interest rates paid by the Government, further exacerbating the Federal deficit.

He has never managed a company, or run a government (local or state). His management skills are unknown and untested. He has been a successful lawyer suing and defending clients in court. He has no military experience.

His support is primarily from evangelical Christians. He does best where such groups are most active. He believes abortion should be criminalized and would put doctors in jail if they helped abort the fetus of a rape victim or mother at risk of dying.

His platform includes lowering or ending taxes for wealthy people and corporations while implementing a consumption tax on all. This would increase the wealth gap between rich and poor that has been widely discussed. He proposes abolishing the I.R.S. which collects taxes and funds the Government.

On education, he would end common core standards which were first proposed by Republican Governors to increase educational standards across the country. He opposes any relief for undocumented residents and would round up and deport all undocumented people specifically including children who were brought to the U.S. by their parents when they were infants.

To defeat ISIS, he wants to “carpet bomb” towns that ISIS controls despite the implications for civilian casualties. He advocates use of torture for accused terrorists. In the U.S., he advocates military/police patrols of Muslim neighborhoods.

He advocates terminating Obama care medical policies without indicating how to replace the coverage for millions of Americans. He promises to terminate the recent Iran treaty and prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon through use of military force.

To a traditional business conservative with social concerns for our society, Ted Cruz is a scary candidate. Before everyone jumps on the Cruz bandwagon hoping to stop Donald Trump, they should take time to understand exactly what policies they are implicitly supporting and the character of their newly embraced candidate.








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