Holidays: Party Time by @scottmacnotes
Jun 11

Holidays: Party Time

Holidays , Life Lessons , Observations

Every country I have ever lived in or even visited celebrates holidays. Everyone loves holidays; workers have the day off and are usually paid for not working, students do not have to go to class, retailers sell more seasonal goods, and it’s an excuse to get together with friends and family. Sometimes I wonder if […]

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On the Art of Being a Fun Passenger by Molly MacDonald via @scottmacnotes
May 21

On the Art of Being a Fun Passenger by Molly MacDonald

Ink Spots

Once again I have returned from a weekend in California. This time it was grandson Dylan’s birthday, his sixth. In March, it was his little sister, Molly’s, fourth birthday that drew me to Los Angeles. On this flight, there was no delay caused by spilled peppercorn in the airplane. Everything went smoothly. Sort of. While […]

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We Now Live in a World of Specialists by @scottmacnotes
May 16

We Now Live in a World of Specialists

Life Lessons , Observations

I have noticed recently that everything has become very specialized, and everyone is now a specialist. No one seems to be a generalist anymore with broad knowledge and breadth of capabilities. I miss generalists. General Practitioners Replaced by Specialists  Recently my general practitioner doctor retired. As we age, our long-term service providers also grow old […]

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Finding the Right Key by Scott MacDonald, @scottmacnotes
Apr 23

Finding the Right Key by Scott MacDonald

Observations , Self-Help

He wore a green flannel shirt even though it was a warm day. He appeared disheveled and ill-kempt but oddly seemed to move with confidence and conviction. He carried an overstuffed backpack that was not fully-zipped and appeared haphazard and disorganized with miscellaneous clothing items protruding. I assumed he was a homeless person but wondered […]

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A Nostalgic Moment by Scott MacDonald, @scottmacnotes, employee challenges
Apr 15

A Nostalgic Moment by Scott MacDonald


Thirty years later, and it had not changed. As I looked down the long corridor of the enclosed shopping mall in Colorado, there it was; just like I remembered it. Predominately orange and white store signage complemented by a blue and white picture of an upside-down ice cream cup. Everyone Starts Somewhere  Three decades earlier, […]

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