Why Are We Paying for Poor Performance? by @scottmacnotes #performance #business
Sep 10

Why Are We Paying for Poor Performance?


Paying for Poor Performance Every year, we read stories of corporate Board of Directors firing a senior executive for unsatisfactory performance and then paying the executive millions of dollars upon his or her departure. Usually, the story talks about a Chief Executive Officer but sometimes it is another executive. Excessive payments to departing executives are […]

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Marty Bucella - Dog for Sale
Jun 30

Dog for Sale

Think Like a Dog Stories

Sometimes catching something that is highly desired involves creativity, flexibility, and even a clever sense of definition. There is a story about a salesman who wanted a dog and was driving through a rural area. A sign outside a rundown house proclaimed, “dog for sale.” The salesman knocked on the door and was introduced to […]

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Holidays: Party Time by @scottmacnotes
Jun 11

Holidays: Party Time

Holidays , Life Lessons , Observations

Every country I have ever lived in or even visited celebrates holidays. Everyone loves holidays; workers have the day off and are usually paid for not working, students do not have to go to class, retailers sell more seasonal goods, and it’s an excuse to get together with friends and family. Sometimes I wonder if […]

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