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The Next Big Thing: A Can’t Miss Product by @scottmacnotes #NextBigThing #product #satire
Jun 14

The Next Big Thing: A Can’t Miss Product

Observations , Politics

A Potential New Breakthrough Product! I was talking with my friend David Cohen recently about technology and potential new breakthrough products and what could be the next big thing. We realized there was a concept that could lead to such a breakthrough, a can’t miss product. By way of background, in 2018 now-Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor […]

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This is the Reason It’s Not About Immigration, Scott MacDonald, Saving Investa
Jul 12

This is the Reason It’s Not About Immigration


Part I The United States is polarized by the debate on immigration with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wanting to build a billion dollar wall to keep Mexican immigrants out, and a promise to round up millions of existing but undocumented immigrants and deport them. The Democrats, by contrast, seek to integrate immigrants into U.S. […]

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Apr 17

Anti-Trump Forces Should Beware of What They Wish


Anti-Trump Forces Should Beware of What They Wish They may get their wish, and it could be worse than Trump. Senator Ted Cruz appears to be the Republican alternative to Donald Trump. So would Cruz be a better selection than Trump? Senator Cruz has been a U.S, Senator for four years. He has not sponsored […]

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Republican Logo
Apr 08

Is Donald Trump a Businessman or a Politician?


Is Donald Trump a Businessman or a Politician? Business leaders solve problems. Every day presents new challenges and problems whether issues arise with product development, marketing, competition, regulators, or employees; there is no shortage of problems to be dealt with. Failure to resolve problems leads directly to unsatisfactory performance. Politicians appear to be evaluated by what […]

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US WhiteHouse Logo
Apr 04

This Is the Trump Phenomenon


This Is the Trump Phenomenon On a recent trip to Australia, many of my former colleagues and friends asked about current election-year politics in the U.S. and how specifically Donald Trump could be the leading contender for the Republican Party nomination. They were generally incredulous that Trump could be nominated and possibly become the United […]

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