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Education Without Debt

Giving Back and Paying It Forward

“The MacDonald Scholarships are another fantastic opportunity for our students at Carolina to receive an excellent education and serve the public good. This book tells Scott MacDonald’s story and the story of so many students across the country who are struggling with the burden of college debt. Institutions of higher education must address this critical problem so that our universities can continue to be engines for economic mobility. We are glad that Carolina’s commitment to access and affordability, and in particular the stories of our students and programs like the Carolina Covenant, is included in these pages.”

Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz  //  The University of North Carolina

“This book by imaginative philanthropist-businessman Scott MacDonald tackles one of the hottest issues of the recent presidential campaign: the explosion of student debt.  Blending smart analysis of its causes with humanizing and empathic stories of the burden this debt places on student futures and lives, MacDonald   argues for a mixed plate of solutions that are built on his own creative approach to philanthropy.  That approach, which leaves students better off and better people than when MacDonald finds them, is one worth replicating across the country.  A must-read for those interested in how to build public-private solutions to one of our nation’s most pressing issues.”

Provost and Executive VP Lauren Robel  //  Indiana University

“Thanks to Scott MacDonald for his fact finding on the sources of the exploding costs of an American college education and our country’s historic lending practices that have thwarted a financially unencumbered future through education for so many of our youth. The personal stories, starting with the author’s own, are alternately heartbreaking and uplifting motivators for U.S. citizens to individually and collectively rethink the financing of higher education and consider his 9 sets of suggested “what must be done” actions to enable our citizenry to realize the American dream of a better life through higher education while escaping crippling debt and paying it forward as educated leaders of our future society.”

Jacqueline Thousand  //  Educator and Author

Think Like a Dog by Scott MacDonald

Think Like a Dog

How dogs teach us to be happy in life and successful at work

Published by Indiana University Press, scheduled May, 2019

Saving Investa

How an ex-factory worker helped save one of Australia’s iconic companies

Published by Next Century Publishing (US) and Xoum Publishing (Australia) November 2016

Saving Investa by Scott MacDonald