Of My Los Angeles Christmas Misadventures by Molly MacDonald
Remember that wonderful old song by Tony Bennett, “I Left My Heart in San Francisco?” Well, I didn’t leave my[...]
Of Old Times with a Pulitzer Prize Winner
Last week, Art Cullen came to Algona for a book-signing event held at Algona Publishing. Art, as most of you[...]
Of Hats and Calling Cards and Stuff by Molly MacDonald
When did we stop wearing hats? My grandmothers wore them whenever they stepped outside to go to church or shopping[...]
Why Are We Paying for Poor Performance?
Paying for Poor Performance Every year, we read stories of corporate Board of Directors firing a senior executive for unsatisfactory[...]
Holidays: Party Time
Every country I have ever lived in or even visited celebrates holidays. Everyone loves holidays; workers have the day off[...]
We Now Live in a World of Specialists
I have noticed recently that everything has become very specialized, and everyone is now a specialist. No one seems to[...]
Finding the Right Key by Scott MacDonald
He wore a green flannel shirt even though it was a warm day. He appeared disheveled and ill-kempt but oddly[...]
A Nostalgic Moment by Scott MacDonald
Thirty years later, and it had not changed. As I looked down the long corridor of the enclosed shopping mall[...]
A Perspective on the Increasing Level of Sexual Harassment Allegations
Every day seems to bring more allegations of sexual harassment or improper sexual behavior in some form. First, Harvey Weinstein[...]
To Pay It Forward – Scott MacDonald featured in USD Magazine
Watch for a new book, by Scott MacDonald, Think Like a Dog, due out in 2017. Scott’s book, Saving Investa, is available on[...]
Scott MacDonald Featured in The San Diego Union-Tribune
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Pooch Protection Passes: State of CA Implements New Program for Dog Owners
State of CA Implements New Program for Dog Owners as published in Del Mar's The Sandpiper. Please take a moment to also visit[...]