Ink Spots

Of Turkey Cooking Tips and Such by Molly MacDonald
I’m writing this the night before Thanksgiving. It may be my last Hurrah for a few weeks since tomorrow I[...]
Of Genes Left Out and Such by Molly MacDonald
With another Halloween behind us, I will confess I never much liked the spooky celebration. Even as a child, I[...]
Of Cats, Dogs, and St. Francis by Molly MacDonald
I’ve been adopted. A little homeless kitty has taken to darting around our house, in and out of the bushes[...]
Of Football and Memories by Molly MacDonald
I’ve written before about my love for football. My sister and I grew up hearing our dad’s tales of playing[...]
Of Memories, Lots of Memories by Molly MacDonald
All five of our children came home for the Labor Day weekend. The gang also included one spouse and one[...]
Of Unwelcome Guests and Stuff by Molly MacDonald
Some of you may remember that last August, I wrote about a bat that came swooping into the TV room[...]