Ink Spots

Of California and Other Anomalies by Molly MacDonald
California has a lot going for it. Namely, it has three of our offspring living there, as well as their[...]
Of Hostas and Such by Molly MacDonald
Once again, I have planted some hostas. Some meaning about a thousand. It’s not that I’m particularly crazy about hostas,[...]
Of Offspring Reactions and Such by Molly MacDonald
  Our five offspring, in addition to being the Medicine-and-Food-Expiration-Date Police, are also the Only-Healthful-Ingredients-Allowed-in-Food-and-Drink Police.   Case in point:[...]
Of Peanut Butter Cups and Stuff
Don't you hate it when some research firm, probably with nothing better to do, determines that something you have loved[...]
Of Handwriting and Humiliation
Rumor has reached me that cursive writing is being downplayed in our school systems. In some schools, I’m told, it[...]
Ink Spots: Of Obnoxious Quizzes and Such
There was a quiz on Facebook awhile ago designed, I think, to make me feel bad. And old. It listed[...]