Ink Spots

Of Hats and Calling Cards and Stuff by Molly MacDonald
When did we stop wearing hats? My grandmothers wore them whenever they stepped outside to go to church or shopping[...]
Treasured Family Writing From the Past by Molly MacDonald
Treasured family writing from the past One of the great things about living in a house built in the 1800s[...]
Musings on All Things October by Molly MacDonald
Musings on all things October. Well, some things. Yesterday was my least favorite holiday - Halloween. Actually, it’s not even[...]
Ivy Scarlett’s Great Field Trip Adventure by Molly MacDonald
Fun Adventures - For Ivy Scarlett  Ivy Scarlett had a fun (for her; for me, not so much) field trip[...]
On How a 1963 Movie Still Haunts Me by Molly MacDonald
If I’d never seen Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds,” I wouldn’t have fallen on my back a couple of Fridays[...]
Remember When, Remember When… by Molly MacDonald
Remember when, remember when . . . Labor Day weekend for the past few years has become a time when[...]