Ink Spots

Broadway Dreams are Gone With the Wind by Molly MacDonald
Once upon a time, I harbored dreams of seeing my name in lights on Broadway. I would play Laura in[...]
Musings About the Month of February by Molly MacDonald
February in Iowa isn’t exactly a time when we are overrun with tourists. That said, the month does have its[...]
Saint Francis the Kitty is Doing Well, Thank You by Molly MacDonald
For those of you who have asked how my stray kitty, Saint Francis, is faring, I’m happy to give you[...]
Of Christmas Past and Future and Such by Molly MacDonald
When you read this, I will have been to Los Angeles and back, celebrating Christmas with our three California offspring,[...]
Sequel to Thanksgiving Column and Such by Molly MacDonald
Perhaps you will remember my column two weeks ago in which I whined that I was hosting seventeen for Thanksgiving[...]
Of Turkey Cooking Tips and Such by Molly MacDonald
I’m writing this the night before Thanksgiving. It may be my last Hurrah for a few weeks since tomorrow I[...]