Ink Spots

Of Beloved and Not-So-Beloved Dolls by Molly MacDonald
Somewhere along the way, Bing and I failed as parents. Big time. All five of our offspring hate dolls. They[...]
Of Not-So-Long-Ago Memories by Molly MacDonald
Wade, our last-born, texted from Los Angeles the other day asking if I knew what time he was born. I[...]
Of Stray Kittens and Football and Stuff by Molly MacDonald
It occurs to me that I haven’t given you all an update recently on the stray cat family that dines[...]
Of My Los Angeles Christmas Misadventures by Molly MacDonald
Remember that wonderful old song by Tony Bennett, “I Left My Heart in San Francisco?” Well, I didn’t leave my[...]
Of Old Times with a Pulitzer Prize Winner
Last week, Art Cullen came to Algona for a book-signing event held at Algona Publishing. Art, as most of you[...]
Of Hats and Calling Cards and Stuff by Molly MacDonald
When did we stop wearing hats? My grandmothers wore them whenever they stepped outside to go to church or shopping[...]