Ink Spots

Of Notre Dame and Someone Named Wayne Gretzky by Molly MacDonald
Dear Diary, Today, that is, when I’m writing this, I’m looking forward to spending an amazing weekend at Notre Dame,[...]
Of Lies, Birthdates, Names, and Other Trivia by Molly MacDonald
It is not a good idea to lie about your age. Sadly, lying about my age is embedded in my[...]
Of TSA Agents and Travels with Molly/Mary by Molly MacDonald
Travel by air is never boring. At least, not for me. Some readers may recall I wrote about losing my[...]
Of Cats, Raccoons, and a Happy Eater by Molly MacDonald
Neighborhood Cats I have written previously about my cafeteria for cats, but I will reprise here what I wrote then[...]
Of Hollywood Glamour Girls and Homegrown Non-Glamour Girls by Molly MacDonald
Have you ever wondered how, in the movies, especially old ones, the heroine always wakes up in the morning with[...]
Random Musings at Three in the Morning by Molly MacDonald
Sleep is vastly overrated. Who needs eight hours of it? President Kennedy, it is said, managed to govern the country[...]