Ink Spots

Remember When, Remember When… by Molly MacDonald
Remember when, remember when . . . Labor Day weekend for the past few years has become a time when[...]
Que Sera Sera—What Will I Be? by Molly MacDonald
Once upon a time, I thought I would become a nun. I was six years old and had a sweet[...]
Why I Didn’t Bake a Pie for the Fair by Molly MacDonald
Pies and Such  Our church put out an S.O.S. last week, asking members to please bake more pies for our[...]
Of Magical, Long-ago Summer Memories by Molly MacDonald
I made my once-or-twice-a-summer overnight visit to Okoboji last week. When I was younger, the visits extended over weeks at[...]
A Column by Bing, Revisited for Father’s Day
Our five offspring have had a tough time with Father’s Day in the past three years since Bing died. They[...]
On the Friendly Ghosts in the Cemetery by Molly MacDonald
Our six-year-old grandson, Dylan, occasionally calls me on his Aunt Meg’s cell phone as they are walking back to her[...]