Musings on All Things October by Molly MacDonald

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Nov 04
Musings on All Things October by Molly MacDonald via @ScottMacNotes #October

Musings on all things October.

Well, some things.

Yesterday was my least favorite holiday – Halloween.

Actually, it’s not even a holiday – just a plain day that for some reason gets a name with a capital letter. It could just as well be called October Thirty-First Day. Or, Moving-Quickly-Towards-Thanksgiving Day. Or, Where-Did-Summer-Go? Day.

Take your pick – voting will begin tomorrow.

Even as a child, I didn’t like Halloween (I was a child once – only a few years ago, actually). It always seemed to be cold and rainy or sleety, not exactly a fun time to be trailing around the neighborhood, tripping over whatever homemade costume I was wearing.

I wonder if “sleety” is a real word. Living as we do in Iowa, it certainly should be. Along with “windy enough to wreak havoc on every carefully-arranged hairstyle.” I know, I know, that’s more than one word – please don’t be so picky.

Musings on All Things October by Molly MacDonald via @ScottMacNotes #October

The creepy thing about Halloween is that the decor is nasty. People temporarily take leave of their senses and put up spider webs on their windows, complete with huge, ugly spiders. And witches on broomsticks. And fierce-looking ghosts. And worst of all, bats. Ugh. What are they thinking?

October Thirty-First Day

If we went with October Thirty-First Day, people could put up all sorts of lovely October-ish decorations. Like pictures of charming animals as a tribute to St. Francis, whose feast day is in October. On the same day as my birthday, in case you forgot to send me a card. Don’t worry if you did – you can send me two next year.

A bit about St. Francis, for those of you who are not personally acquainted with him. He is the patron saint of animals, because he loved all of God’s creatures (although I doubt if even he loved bats – there are, after all, exceptions to every rule.) He is often depicted with a squirrel and rabbit at his feet, gently holding a fawn while a little bird rests on his shoulder.

I know all this because I have a statue of him in our yard. You may remember I named the stray kitty I’ve been feeding St. Francis. Of course, she turned out to be a mom, but I didn’t change the spelling of her name to the feminine version, Frances, because – well, just because.

And so we have come to the end of this treatise on Halloween. And October. And St. Francis.

I hope you will remember all that I’ve taught you today – a really hard quiz will follow. Or not.

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