Of Notre Dame and Someone Named Wayne Gretzky by Molly MacDonald

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Oct 13
Of Notre Dame Revisited with Heavenly Guidance by Molly MacDonald via @scottmacnotes #NotreDame #Football #Diary

Dear Diary,

Today, that is, when I’m writing this, I’m looking forward to spending an amazing weekend at Notre Dame, watching them play (and, of course, beat) Bowling Green University. Bowling Green is in the same conference as Miami of Ohio, where I met Bing on a blind date and, as you know, dear diary, lived with happily almost ever after.

But I digress (I do that often, but this is my diary, so I can if I want to). I can also leave a preposition dangling if I want to, as I have just done twice now.

Whomever I share this diary entry with (that would be you, dear readers, so please remember not to tell anyone, since diaries are supposed to be private writings) will be reading it after I have returned home and my Notre Dame visit will be history.

I’m sure I had a wonderful time.

I will be going with two of our offspring, Meg and Wade. Neither has ever been on the Notre Dame campus, where their grandfather spent four magical years. My sister and I grew up listening to his reminiscences of playing for Knute Rockne in the early ‘20s and absorbing the spirit of that fabled university.

The last time I visited Notre Dame was with my sister and cousin for a game against the University of Southern California. That was a number of years ago, but I still remember how much fun we had. The pep rally the night before the game was one of the highlights.

Notre Dame often has a guest speaker of some note at their pep rallies, but that time it was someone I had never heard of. I called Bing afterward to report on the event and mentioned that the speaker was really good, but I didn’t know who he was.

“His name was something like Wayne Gretzky,” I dutifully reported. “Wayne Gretzky? WAYNE GRETZKY?” Bing shouted into the phone. “How can you not have heard of Wayne Gretzky, the Great One?” It seems Mr. Gretzky was a somewhat famous hockey player.

I didn’t think it was necessary for Bing to yell at me since Gretzky didn’t play football, how was I supposed to know him?

If all goes well, or as my Irish cousins say, God willing, in my next entry, dear diary, I’ll report on my latest Notre Dame weekend.


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