Of Turkey Cooking Tips and Such by Molly MacDonald

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Dec 04
Of Turkey Cooking Tips and Such by Molly MacDonald via @ScottMacNotes

I’m writing this the night before Thanksgiving. It may be my last Hurrah for a few weeks since tomorrow I am hosting a cast of thousands for Thanksgiving dinner. I will probably need weeks to recover.

Okay, maybe the number is closer to 17, but for me, that’s a cast of thousands. My culinary skills are somewhat limited.

As in, very limited.

As in, not there at all.

Although, in my defense, I have always (almost always) managed to roast a turkey and make gravy and stuffing that isn’t too awful. Quite good, in fact. I think.

The rest of the fixin’s are more of a challenge, but thankfully, my cousin, Margaret Ann, is bringing all the rest of the dinner. She and my sister got the family Expert Cooking genes. So not my fault.

I made a soul-satisfying discovery when I read today’s Reminder. In a special section, second graders from Algona and Bishop Garrigan schools were asked, “How do you cook a turkey?”

Their responses were wonderful. Here’s just a sample, in case you missed them:

Alec: “Put it in the oven. Keep it in there for 5 minutes. Let it cool down for 3 minutes. Then eat it.”

Jenna: “First go to HyVee (the local supermarket). Then go home. Next, take off the wrapping and put it in a pan. Then slide the turkey in the oven at 35 degrees for 45 minutes. Then take it out.”

Houston: “First you put 2 teaspoons of powder in a big pan. Next you put in some seasoning. Then you put some filling in the big pan. Now you put corn in it. Then you preaheat it. When it is out, you can put some more seasoning in it. Finally you cook it in the mikerwave for 10 minutes and 100 agrees.”

Kadence: “First a cup of sugar, next 1/2 cups of flour. Then one cup of salt and pepper and one cup corn. After that put in five cups of brown sugar. Finally, put in oven for 2 hours.”

Alex: “Get a turkey. Cook it for 24 hours. Then let it sit. Wait untell it Thanksgiveing. Then it is time to eat. The end.”

Julia Child couldn’t have said it better.

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