On the Art of Being a Fun Passenger by Molly MacDonald

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May 21
On the Art of Being a Fun Passenger by Molly MacDonald via @scottmacnotes

Once again I have returned from a weekend in California. This time it was grandson Dylan’s birthday, his sixth. In March, it was his little sister, Molly’s, fourth birthday that drew me to Los Angeles.

On this flight, there was no delay caused by spilled peppercorn in the airplane. Everything went smoothly. Sort of. While I have no fear of flying, I do have a fear of the traffic in the City of Angels (that’s what Los Angeles means in English, which, of course, you all knew, but I thought I’d throw it in there, just in case).

The drive from the airport to daughter Meg’s home is . . . um . . . challenging. Scary. Terrifying. Being a passenger in a car weaving in and out of four lanes of speeding vehicles calls for great courage. More than I possess. I can’t close my eyes because I have to see what’s happening so I know how many Hail Marys are called for to get us safely to her driveway.

Granted, she and her sister, Amy, and brother, Wade, are all now veteran freeway drivers. And I, I suppose, am a veteran freeway rider. Doesn’t make any difference – it’s still a death-defying. white-knuckle experience every time.

Me: Look out for that car on your left, Meg.
Meg: I see it, Mother.
Me: There’s a big truck behind us, Meg.
Meg: I know, Mother.
Me: Aren’t we going a little fast, Meg?
Meg: No, Mother – we’re going the speed limit.
Me: Is the speed limit 100?
Meg: (Rolls eyes.)

All of our children have perfected the art of eye-rolling when I am riding with them. Truth be told, so did their father.

Me: Bing, there’s a car coming over the hill ahead.
Bing: I see it, Molly.
Me: Aren’t we going a little fast?
Bing: No, Molly, we’re going the speed limit.
Me: Is the speed limit 100?
Bing: (Rolls eyes.)

Eye-rolling, it seems, is a gene passed down from father to offspring.

I think it’s very rude.

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I grew up and learned to drive in Los Angeles County. I moved to Ventura County in 1977 and still commuted to Westwood once a week. I learned to drive defensively on the freeways with the best of them.

In 1993 we moved to San Luis Obispo County — a more rural area. No more traffic jams except during road construction or accidents. Even then delays were short. I lost most of my defensive driving skills and both my husband and I are now in our mid-to-late seventies. Our reflexes aren’t as quick. It is now almost too risky for us to try to drive to Orange County for the family Christmas celebrations because we just can’t handle that kind of traffic safely anymore.

I don’t want to drive any farther south than Agoura or any farther north than Monterey. The traffic is just too bad.

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