Praise for “Saving Investa”

What Others Are Saying

—A fascinating read… I particularly enjoyed the interwoven stories of family and past experiences which ground your strong leadership skills. Your ability to lead people through massive changes and find creative solutions to the thorniest and biggest problems is amazing.  I am so glad you wrote your story.


~ Lynn Thurber, Chairman LaSalle Management Company

—Scott has given us a rare insight into his life and his journey to date, culminating in an insider’s view into a $6.5 billion Australian company on the verge of collapse as it is caught in the throes of the storm presented by the global financial crisis.

Being of a size that was “too big to fail,” we get an insight into the machinations across the globe as Investa crosses the many hurdles on its way to its eventual redemption through hard work, a committed team, deal making and a good dose of luck.

It is a narrative which resonates with many of the headlines of today and reminds us of the cycles of the financial world that impacts all of us. It reinforces that in the end, it is the people who really do make the difference.


~ David Baffsky, Chairman Ariadne, Honorary Chairman Accor Asia Pacific

—Scott MacDonald’s gripping account of his five-year effort to steer a multi-billion dollar Australian company through the Global Financial Crisis had me up late turning the pages. I was in deep suspense as each challenge arose, and then was resolved through Scott’s creative and wise leadership. The book is full of useful lessons for any business leader to draw from in other situations, and the Investa case study will also be of great relevance to business students who want to know what lies beyond their MBA’s.


~ Niels Marquardt, U.S. Ambassador (Ret), CEO American Chamber of Commerce in Australia