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Sep 23
Remember When, Remember When... by Molly MacDonald #Remember #RememberWhen #Memories via @scottmacnotes
Remember when, remember when . . .
Labor Day weekend for the past few years has become a time when our offspring converge here from California, Minnesota and southern Iowa.

This year, four/fifths of our children made it. Offspring #5 had just started his first week of teaching English in a new school, so he opted to remain in California to work on lesson plans. We missed him!

Still, it was great fun to have the girls here – they revert to being girls instead of women the moment they walk in our door. For example, Friday night became dance night – not dancing in the traditional sense. No, they cranked up their iPads or iPhones or whatever magic boxes they have and played ’80s music – loudly – and went through the dance routines they once performed with the Bishop Garrigan drill team years ago.

Amazingly, they remembered most of the choreography! Bing always called their moves “twitching,” as in, “Molly, they’re twitching again and the floor is shaking.” This year, the floor of our front porch did indeed shake as they hopped around. I was afraid a police car would show up any minute and we would be asked to turn the music down because the neighbors couldn’t sleep. Luckily, our neighbors were too polite to complain.

Besides their frenetic dancing, they spent a lot of time remembering when.

“Remember when we hauled the living room furniture into the garage and had a party while Mom and Dad were away?” (There went our Parents of the Year Award!)

“Remember when you pushed me too hard while I was swinging on the neighbor’s clothes line and broke my arm?”

“Remember when I lit matches in our bedroom window sill and Mom and Dad punished you for it?”

“Remember when we used to ride our bikes to the gas station and buy candy bars with change we took from Mom’s purse?”

“Remember when Mr. Stence told me I had more detention slips than anyone in my class except two boys who were notorious juvenile deliquents?”

“Remember when Mom gave us pixie haircuts and we looked like boys for a whole year?”

That last one was accompanied by accusing stares in my direction, followed by a chorus of, “How could you do that?”

Because I was tired of braiding four heads of hair every morning – two braids per four heads over a period of umpteen years adds up to approximately 176,324 braids. I think that earns me back the Parent of the Year Award!

Besides, the pixie cuts were really cute and I didn’t think they looked like boys.

Well, not much anyway.

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Leslie A. Blanchard October 6, 2018

Loved this and your cute family. I have 5 as well. What a ride.

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