Jun 30
Marty Bucella - Dog for Sale

Sometimes catching something that is highly desired involves creativity, flexibility, and even a clever sense of definition. There is a story about a salesman who wanted a dog and was driving through a rural area. A sign outside a rundown house proclaimed, “dog for sale.” The salesman knocked on the door and was introduced to a friendly mixed breed dog.

“How much do you want for the dog?” he inquired.

The owner said, “$1 million and not a penny less.”

The salesman departed quickly. A couple years later, the salesman was passing by the same house and decided to stop and ask about the dog.

“I sold it,” said the owner.

 “How much did you get?” asked the salesman.

“$1 million,” replied the owner.

“Someone gave you $1 million in cash for that dog?” asked the salesman incredulously.

“No,” replied the owner. “I traded him for two $500,000 cats.

©Marty Bucella - Used with permission

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