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Jul 26
Kids by Sadie, the Rescue Dog via @scottmacnotes #kids #sadie #family

I never liked children. I stay away from them when passing on the street and run away from them if they are off-leash on the beach. I don’t know why I do not like kids; Scott thinks I must have had a bad experience with a youngster when I was a little puppy. I don’t remember; usually, I just remember treats and important stuff like that.

Four months ago, Scott’s son and his family, including 3 KIDS, moved in with us!!!!

Did I tell you they included 3 KIDS and they moved right into my house!!!

At first I tried to hide, but the kids were everywhere in the house, and there was no place safe. I didn’t know why Scott did this, but he loves his family so I had to adjust, which is usually the case for dogs when kids show up.

The 3 kids included Claire (almost 6), James (just turned 3), and Elise (just turned 1). Elise clearly needed my help. She just started to crawl, and someone needed to keep watch. Where ever Elise went, I kept an eye on her. When she stopped, I often lay beside her to comfort her. She gave me pets, and I gave her licks. Sometimes she would stick her face out at me so I could lick her face. She liked that. She giggled a lot when I licked her.

When James and Claire got too wild and were running around out of control, I barked at them and told them to slow down or they could run into Elise and hurt her. They always stopped when I barked at them as they approached. I can bark really loud when I want to get someone’s attention.

While Elise became my best friend, I grew to like James and Claire too. James is a messy eater; so some food goes into his mouth and some hits the floor. Anything that hits the floor is mine, so I spent almost all meals sitting under James chair.

And Claire is a fussy eater, so there was usually uneaten food after dinner; and I had the opportunity to share in the leftovers. Usually, Scott does not give me human food, so being around the kids was a most wonderful experience.

I quickly learned that Claire and James liked it when the Amazon or UPS delivery guys came, often bringing toys or clothes. Usually the family lives in Morocco, and they were unable to bring all their stuff with them, so Scott and their parents often ordered stuff. As soon as I learned how important the delivery guys were, I listened for the trucks.

Whenever one of the trucks stopped by our house – I recognized the change in the engine sound – and I barked to alert everyone, and the kids always came running and screaming to the front door. They really appreciated me letting them know when a delivery came. That was an important job for me.

Earlier this week, the family and the kids departed to go back home. I really miss them. No Elise to lick and protect; no James to catch the dropping morsels, no Claire to share what she did not want to eat; and no appreciation for announcing the Amazon or UPS deliveries. I am getting more sleep now, but it’s not the same. Yesterday, an Amazon guy came, and I didn’t bother to bark.

I really miss the kids. I hope they will come back.

~ Sadie, Co-author: Think like a Dog, How Dogs Teach Us to be Happy in Life and Successful at Work

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Shirley July 26, 2020

What a great kid story Scott. You always make it sounds as if we’re right there with Sadie. Always a great time when the family of kids are around and I’m sure even though you miss all the excitement, nice to sit back and relax. They’ll be back soon enough.

Lydia August 3, 2020

Aww, how adorable. I hope there is a reunion soon.

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