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Mar 17
Sadie's Diary: A Day in November by @ScottMacNotes #Diary #Dog

Dear Diary…

5:45 am

I heard Scott’s alarm go off. He got up quickly so I didn’t need to wake him further. Instead, I lay on the nice soft master bed, looked out the big window, and watched the street below to see what was happening outside. I really like the new memory foam mattress.
6:00 am. Scott was dressed and ready to go, so I jumped down from the bed, stretched, and joined him going down the stairs headed for the front door. I beat him to the door, as always. He is not that fast, especially in the morning.

6:05 am

We departed a few minutes later for a short walk and then returned to the house where neighbor Rick and his dog, Rosie, were waiting on the front step. Rosie is really fast and jumps high in the air; I am pretty fast, too, and can change directions quickly. Rosie and I chased each other around the driveway for a while. It was great fun.

6:15 am

Patrick and Beth and their dog, Beau, showed up. Rosie, Beau and I raced around the driveway, bumping and jumping at each other, and having fun. The people hid behind the columns or on the stairs to avoid being knocked down. Beau does not always watch where she is running and sometimes knocks people over. Rosie and I are more careful.

6:20 am. We departed for the beach about a mile away. We stopped at Shirley’s — she always has dog biscuits for us. Today Shirley was not walking with us, but she met us behind her house, as usual, with the treats. Beau and I raced down the path to reach Shirley. We didn’t want the other dog to get there first and possibly obtain more treats.

6:30 am

We arrived at Del Mar Beach. We ran around, sniffed other dogs, Rosie and Beau chased balls, and I looked for leftover tidbits in the sand. Jim walked by with his dog Rigby. Jim keeps treats in his right front pocket. I begged and he came through.

Betsy was there with her dog Bru. She keeps treats in a front pouch but only gives them out when Bru asks. Not today.

Janet was there, too. with her dog Chewy. Janet keeps treats in a front pouch. When Janet calls Chewy, she always gives him a treat when he comes. I listened and watched and when Janet called Chewy I showed up even before Chewy and begged. She gave me treats when Chewy did not come quickly.

Unfortunately, Pat in the pick jacket did not come today. She has been sick. I miss Pat. She has the best treats and really likes me.

We walked home after more play and a water break on the beach. Patrick brings a portable water bowl and fresh water every day for the dogs. People are expected to bring their own drinks. Dogs get sick when we drink seawater, so it’s good Patrick brings us fresh water every day.

On the way home, we stopped again at Shirley’s to drink some water from her big red bowl and get more treats. When Shirley doesn’t walk to the beach with us, she leaves 6 little dog biscuits by the red water bowl. I get 3 and Beau gets 3. I like Beau, but if I were there first and not constrained by Scott and the leash, I would eat all six. So would Beau. Today, we each ate three small biscuits.

At home, I ate breakfast and took a nap on my couch, next to the kitchen. It was a busy morning so far, and it was still early.

9:15 am

I heard Scott putting on his shoes; he was going out. I leaped from the couch and raced to the front door, effectively blocking his exit. He fetched my leash and we were off together, walking to Starbucks in Del Mar. He used to go alone to Starbucks until I learned where he was going and insisted on being included. I sniffed a lot en route, stopped for a drink at Shirley’s water bowl again, and said hello to a new dog that was also walking his owner. At Starbucks, Scott gave me treats to occupy me so he could read the newspaper. I said hello to two Australian shepherds that were friendly and taking care of their owner while he was drinking coffee, too.

10:15 am

We walked back home and on the way met Finn and his owner, Hanna. Finn and I took turns smelling each other’s butts while Scott and Hanna talked. Then we returned home and I took another nap on my favorite couch. Scott did work. Occasionally, someone walked by the house with a dog, and I could see them from my favorite spot on the couch. I barked whenever a dog walked by, which was pretty often. So, I kept busy between naps.

12:00 pm

Scott put on shoes, I raced to the front door, and we went for a walk in the neighborhood. Vicki was out front, so we said hello. She fetched her three dogs: Bhavi, Bodie, and Max, and we played while Vicki and Scott chatted. Actually, Max, Bodie and I played while Bhavi barked at us trying to get us to stop. Bhavi thinks he is the boss and does not approve of us playing, but we ignore him.

We said goodbye to Vicki but then I saw Joni. I pulled hard on the leash, and Scott let it go so I could run to Joni. She invited me to her garage where she keeps a big bag of special peanut butter treats. Later, we finished the walk and I took a well-deserved nap. The morning had been exhausting with all the socializing, tail wagging, and treats.

4:00 pm

I told Scott it was time to go out. He got up from his desk, retrieved the leash and we went for another walk. We always meet someone and today it was Ross and his new puppy, Cannoli. Cannoli jumped at me but I know she is just a puppy so I let her. She became a little too irritating, so I grabbed her and held her down for a minute. Usually, I am pretty tolerant with puppies, but Cannoli needs to learn to back off.

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