Ink Spots: Of Carnival Rides and Fairs, Scott MacDonald @scottmacnotes
Aug 15

Ink Spots: Of Carnival Rides and Fairs

Family , Ink Spots

Ink Spots: Of Carnival Rides and Fairs With the county fair almost upon us, visions of past fairs and carnival rides dance in my head. When Wade was about ten, and we lived across the street from the fairgrounds, he managed to get a job with the carnival workers. For the duration of the fair, he was […]

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This is the Reason It’s Not About Immigration, Scott MacDonald, Saving Investa
Jul 12

This is the Reason It’s Not About Immigration


Part I The United States is polarized by the debate on immigration with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wanting to build a billion dollar wall to keep Mexican immigrants out, and a promise to round up millions of existing but undocumented immigrants and deport them. The Democrats, by contrast, seek to integrate immigrants into U.S. […]

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ScottMacDonald. Man Versus Dog. Who Will Win?
Jun 12

Man Versus Dog. Who Will Win?


Man Versus Dog. Who Will Win? I have a dog; Sadie is a rescue dog my son, Ross, adopted in Texas and then gave to me when he obtained a new job in Houston. Sadie lived in the wild for six months before being captured by animal control in Beaumont Texas, and has lived with […]

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May 29

What Retirement Will Teach You About Making Travel Arrangements


Retirement Lesson #2 Making Travel Arrangements Making travel arrangements without an assistant are a challenge for a retired executive. Welcome to the “normal” world. Let’s say you want to take your spouse on a trip to New York City. First you need airplane tickets. Securing well-priced airline tickets requires time, patience, diligence, and frustration. There […]

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Inkspots-MollyMacDonald- Danger of New Gardening Gloves
May 22

Of the Danger of New Gardening Gloves

Ink Spots

I bought a new pair of gardening gloves awhile ago. I couldn’t find my old ones and since I’d inherited some more hostas, I was compelled to plant them. I really should have “people” to do that sort of thing for me, because I harbor a “hate gardening” gene in my DNA. As it was, […]

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