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Released January 2021

Education Without Debt:

Giving Back and Paying It Forward


Almost 50 million Americans have cumulatively borrowed more than $1.5 trillion to attend college. Roughly one-third of all adults aged 25 to 34 have a student loan. In Education without Debt, businessman and philanthropist, Scott MacDonald examines the real-life impact of crushing levels of student debt on borrowers and what can be done to fix this crisis.

Weaving together stories of debt-impaired lives with stories of personal success achieved with the essential help of financial aid, MacDonald reveals the devastating personal and societal impact of the debt problem and offers possible solutions. He explores the efforts of colleges and private philanthropists to make education affordable and relates his own experience of funding financial aid for need-eligible students at five universities.

Education without Debt is a must-read book for anyone concerned about the rising cost of education and what to do about this critical policy and societal issue.

by Scott MacDonald

Available Now

Released APRIL 2019

Think Like a Dog

With whimsy and insight, Scott and Sadie offer important lessons in loyalty, persistence, leaving your mark, and always being a great sniffer. Scott reveals what Sadie and other dogs teach us about successful work habits and organizational strategies for outstanding business success.

by Scott MacDonald

and Sadie, the Rescue Dog

Saving Investa is available now! by Scott MacDonald

Winner: 2016 Best Book Awards in Business - Real Estate

Saving Investa


Scott MacDonald

US & AUS Paperback Version Available on Amazon

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